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From Scott Dworkis <>
Subject commitlogs not draining
Date Thu, 07 Jul 2011 00:26:50 GMT
couple questions about commitlogs and the nodetool drain operator:

* in 0.6, after invoking a drain, the commitlog directory would be empty. 
in 0.8, it seems to contain 2 files, a 44 byte .header file and 270 byte 
.log file.  do these indicate a fully drained commitlog?

* i have a couple nodes for which the commitlogs do not seem to be 
draining at all... they remain several hundred k or meg in size.  are they 
corrupt? if the data is not precious, is there some way to clear and reset 
them to work around this?

also, i see this in system.log:

/data/var/log/cassandra/system.log.1:DEBUG [COMMIT-LOG-WRITER] 2011-07-06 
11:04:10,076 (line 473) Not safe to delete commit log 
dirty is LocationInfo (0), ; hasNext: true


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