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From Kyle Gibson <>
Subject Replicating to all nodes
Date Wed, 13 Jul 2011 22:11:02 GMT
I am wondering if the following cluster figuration is possible with
cassandra, and if so, how it could be achieved. Please also feel free
to point out any issues that may make this configuration undesired
that I may not have thought of.

Suppose a cluster of N nodes.

Each node replicates the data of all other nodes.

Read and write operations should succeed even if only 1 node is online.

When a read is performed, it is performed against all active nodes.

When a write is performed, it is performed against all active nodes,
inactive/offline nodes are updated when they come back online.

Would this involve a new ConsistencyLevel, e.g.
ConsistentLevel.Active? Does a facility exist which could mimic this

I don't believe it does. Currently the replication factor is hard
coded based on key space, not a function of the number of nodes in the
cluster. You could say, if N = 7, configure replication factor = 7,
but then if only 6 nodes are online, writes would fail. Is this

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