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From osishkin osishkin <>
Subject Predefined columns for Secondary index
Date Tue, 12 Jul 2011 11:46:23 GMT
I'm thinking about Secondary indexes as an alternative for using
column families to index my data.
I'd appreciate some answers to basic questions about this new feature.

1. Can you insert a row to a column family with a predefined column
metadata (and secondary index for these columns) that does not contain
one/all of the predifened columns?
will Cassnadra insert a dummy column?

2. And also ,how will a query on a column that is indexed treat the
above situation? is there a performance penalty?

If I use an example from Datastax:
> create column family users with comparator=UTF8Type
... and column_metadata=[{column_name: full_name, validation_class: UTF8Type},
... {column_name: birth_date, validation_class: LongType, index_type: KEYS}];

set users[bsanderson][full_name] = 'Brandon Sanderson';
set users[bsanderson][birth_date] = 1975;
set users[msanderson][full_name] = 'Michael Sanderson';

and now I query
> get users where birth_date = 1975;

Thank you

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