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From Joseph Stein <>
Subject CassandraFS in 1.0?
Date Wed, 06 Jul 2011 20:11:10 GMT
Hey folks, I am going to start prototyping our media tier using cassandra as
a file system (meaning upload video/audio/images to web server save in
cassandra and then streaming them out)

Has anyone done this before?

I was thinking brisk's CassandraFS might be a fantastic implementation for
this but then I feel that I need to run another/different Cassandra cluster
outside of what our ops folks do with Apache Cassandra 0.8.X

Am I best to just compress files uploaded to the web server and then start
chunking and saving chunks in rows and columns so the mem issue does not
smack me in the face?  And use our existing cluster and build it out

I am sure our ops people would like the command line aspect of CassandraFS
but looking for something that makes the most sense all around.

It seems to me there is a REALLY great thing in CassandraFS and would love
to see it as part of 1.0 =8^)  or at a minimum some streamlined
implementation to-do the same thing.

If comparing to HDFS that is part of Hadoop project even though Cloudera has
a distribution of Hadoop :) maybe that can work here too _fingers_crosed_
(or mongodb->gridfs)

happy to help as I am moving down this road in general


Joe Stein
Twitter: @allthingshadoop <>

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