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From Norman Maurer <>
Subject Re: CassandraFS in 1.0?
Date Thu, 07 Jul 2011 17:35:49 GMT
May I ask if its opensource by any chance ?


Am Donnerstag, 7. Juli 2011 schrieb David Strauss <>:
> I'm not sure HDFS has the right properties for a media-storage file
> system. We have, however, built a WebDAV server on top of Cassandra
> that avoids any pretension of being a general-purpose, POSIX-compliant
> file system. We mount it on our servers using davfs2, which is also
> nice for a few reasons:
> * We can use standard HTTP load-balancing and dead host avoidance
> strategies with WebDAV.
> * Encrypting access and authenticating clients with PKI/HTTPS works seamlessly.
> * WebDAV + davfs2 is etag-header aware, allowing clients to
> efficiently validate cached items.
> * HTTP is browser and CDN/reverse proxy cache friendly for
> distributing content to people who don't need to mount the file
> system.
> * We could extend the server's support to allow connections from a
> broad variety of interactive desktop clients.
> On Wed, Jul 6, 2011 at 13:11, Joseph Stein <> wrote:
>> Hey folks, I am going to start prototyping our media tier using cassandra as
>> a file system (meaning upload video/audio/images to web server save in
>> cassandra and then streaming them out)
>> Has anyone done this before?
>> I was thinking brisk's CassandraFS might be a fantastic implementation for
>> this but then I feel that I need to run another/different Cassandra cluster
>> outside of what our ops folks do with Apache Cassandra 0.8.X
>> Am I best to just compress files uploaded to the web server and then start
>> chunking and saving chunks in rows and columns so the mem issue does not
>> smack me in the face?  And use our existing cluster and build it out
>> accordingly?
>> I am sure our ops people would like the command line aspect of CassandraFS
>> but looking for something that makes the most sense all around.
>> It seems to me there is a REALLY great thing in CassandraFS and would love
>> to see it as part of 1.0 =8^)  or at a minimum some streamlined
>> implementation to-do the same thing.
>> If comparing to HDFS that is part of Hadoop project even though Cloudera has
>> a distribution of Hadoop :) maybe that can work here too _fingers_crosed_
>> (or mongodb->gridfs)
>> happy to help as I am moving down this road in general
>> Thanks!
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>> Joe Stein
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