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From Guillermo Winkler <>
Subject After column deletion cassandra won't insert more data to a specific key
Date Sat, 23 Jul 2011 20:46:42 GMT
I'm having a strange behavior on one of my cassandra boxes, after all
columns are removed from a row, insertion on that key stops working (from
API and from the cli)

[default@Agent] get Schedulers['atendimento'];
Returned 0 results.
[default@Agent] set Schedulers['atendimento']['test'] = 'dd';
Value inserted.
[default@Agent] get Schedulers['atendimento'];
Returned 0 results.

Already tried nodetool flush/compact/repair on the CF, doesn't fix the

With a ver simple setup:
* only one node in the cluster (the cluster never had more nodes nor
* random partitioner
* CF defined as "create column family Schedulers with comparator=BytesType;"

The only way for it to start working again is to truncate the CF.

Do you have any clues how to diagnose what's going on?


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