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From A J <>
Subject How to make a node an exact replica of another node ?
Date Tue, 05 Jul 2011 17:07:22 GMT
Let me explain what I am trying to do:
I am prototyping 2 Data centers (DC1 and DC2) with two nodes each. Say
DC1_n1 and DC1_n2 nodes in DC1 and DC2_n1 and DC2_n2 in DC2.
With PropertyFileSnitch and NetworkTopologyStrategy and
'strategy_options of DC1=1 and DC2=1', I am able to ensure that each
DC has ONE AND ONLY ONE copy of ALL the keys.
But how do I ensure that there is one to one mapping between the
nodes? i.e. how to I ensure keys in DC1_n1 = keys in DC2_n1 and keys
in DC1_n2 = keys in DC2_n2 ?
Right now some keys of DC1_n1 are getting replicated to DC2_n1 and
some to DC2_n2 (and the same for DC1_n2 keys).

I am using RPP and calculating tokens to ensure that each node has 25%
of the load (using the python script at to come up with
the tokens)

Thanks for any inputs.

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