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From A J <>
Subject Details of 'nodetool move'
Date Tue, 05 Jul 2011 22:35:01 GMT
Where can I find details of nodetool move. Most places just mention
that 'move the target node to a given Token. Moving is essentially a
convenience over decommission + bootstrap.'

Stuff like, when do I need to do and on what nodes? What is the value
of 'new token' to be provided ? What happens if there is a mis-match
between 'new token' in nodetool move command and initial_token in
cassandra.yaml file.
What happens when nodetool move is not successful. Does Cassandra know
where to look for data (some data might still be on the old node and
some on new) ?
Repercussions of not running nodetool move or running it incorrectly ?
Does a Read Repair take care of move for that specific key in question ?
Does anti-entropy somehow take care of move ?


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