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From Amresh Singh <>
Subject Kundera 2.0.1 Released
Date Tue, 12 Jul 2011 07:58:36 GMT
We are happy to announce release of Kundera 2.0.1

Kundera 2.0.1 is a JPA compliant, Object-Datastore Mapping Library for NoSQL
Datastores. The idea behind Kundera is to make working with NoSQL Databases
drop-dead simple and fun. Some salient features of Kundera are:

   1. Fully JPA 1.0 compliant. You can create your entity classes annotated
with JPA 1.0 annotations and perform CRUD operations using JPA provided
 interfaces. Support for JPA 2.0 is in the offing.
   2. Currently Kundera supports Cassandra 0.7.6, Hbase and MongoDB. In(very
near) future support for Cassandra 0.8 is planned.
   3. Relationships (@OnToOne, @OneToMany, @ManyToOne, @ManyToMany) are
persisted separately as another column family/ document.
   4. POJOs annotated with @Embedded are persisted co located with parent
entity ( e.g. super column for Cassandra and embedded document for MongoDB).
   Java collection of POJOs annotated with @Embedded are persisted as
variable number of super columns for cassandra and list of documents for
   5. Control over selective index(eable) columns in the entity.
   6. Switching to other Datastores is as simple as changing persistence
unit name in the code. No further code change required.
   7. Secondary Index support over SuperColumn which enables querying based
on SuperColumns.

To download and use Kundera, visit:
An example twitter like application built using Kundera can be found at:

NOSQL is as easy as SQL, if done through Kundera !
Happy working with NoSQL!!

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