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From Selcuk Bozdag <>
Subject Java bits: Horizontal Scalibility and DAO layer design
Date Wed, 27 Jul 2011 15:15:08 GMT

The question I am asking is a bit about the design of a data access
objects layer on top of a cassandra datastore.

I had a look at project Kundera which basically implies JPA approach
by creating POJOs and mapping them through annotations. Looks
promising but what if I would like to have new columns inside the data
store(i.e. an attribute of a pojo class) without changing the
codebase? How could I achieve such an extensiblity on the DAO layer?
What would be the most relevant design pattern?

Please do not take the question regarding Kundera, it was just an
example. The eventual design should let me CRUD POJOs while gaining an
ability to be extended.



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