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From Haryadi Gunawi <>
Subject Replace multiple dead nodes at the same time. Is it possible?
Date Fri, 29 Jul 2011 05:27:18 GMT

I want to run the procedure of Handling Failure option #1 in
(i.e. the (Recommended approach) Bring up the replacement node with a
new IP address ...)

Say, I have 10 dead nodes, and I want to replace it with 10 new nodes.
My questions:
Is it possible to run that procedure concurrently 10 times?
Or must it be done one at a time?

I haven't tried it, but what I tried before was:
I ran removetoken of those 10 dead nodes, with the hope
that the data in those 10 dead nodes will be re-replicated
to the other still-alive nodes.  (My goal is to make under-replicated
key-value pairs to be re-replicated again until they satisfy the replication

But I found that running removetoken concurrently does not guarantee
that all under-replicated data will reach the expected replication factor
(I describe more at the end of this email).  So, that's why I want to try
- Hide quoted text -
Handling Failure option #1, as suggested, and I'd like to know if my goal
can be satisfied or not.

My apology if this question has been asked before.
I tried searching, but couldn't find it.
I'm using cassandra 0.6.5.

Thanks very much

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