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From Yang <>
Subject Re: JNA to avoid swap but physical memory increase
Date Fri, 15 Jul 2011 16:54:06 GMT
btw just a reminder that even if jna + mlock works fine, with a large
portion of physical memory
locked by cassandra JVM, you won't get swapping with Cassandra, but
you could possibly get swapping happening on other processes in the

On Fri, Jul 15, 2011 at 9:47 AM, Chris Burroughs
<> wrote:
> On 07/15/2011 07:24 AM, Daniel Doubleday wrote:
>> Also our experience shows that the jna call does not prevent swapping so the general
advice is disable swap.
> Can you confirm you don't get the (paraphrasing) "whoops we tried
> mlockall but ulimits denied us" message on startup?

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