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From Chandrasekhar M <>
Subject Thrift Java Client - Get a column family from a Keyspace
Date Thu, 14 Jul 2011 11:59:53 GMT

I have been playing around with Cassandra and its Java Thrift Client.

>From my understanding, one could get/retrieve a Keyspace, KsDef object, using the describe_keyspace(String
name) method on the Cassandra.Client object.

Subsequently, one could get a list of all the ColumnFamily definitions in a keyspace, using
the getCf_defs() method on the KsDef Object.

Is there a way to get a single ColumnFamily if I know the name of the columnfamily (just a
convenience function) ?

Currently the only way for that would be iterating through the list of column families returned
by the getCf_defs() method.

Thanks in Advance


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