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From Mina Naguib <>
Subject Re: Cassandra 0.7.8 and 0.8.1 fail when major compaction on 37GB database
Date Sun, 24 Jul 2011 16:30:10 GMT

From experience with similar-sized data sets, 1.5GB may be too little.  Recently I bumped
our java HEAP limit from 3GB to 4GB to get past an OOM doing a major compaction.

Check "nodetool -h localhost info" while the compaction is running for a simple view into
the memory state.

If you can, also hook in jconsole and you'll get a better view, over time, of how cassandra's
memory usage trends, the effect of GC, and the pressure of various operations such as compactions.

On 2011-07-24, at 8:08 AM, lebron james wrote:

>   Hi, Please help me with my problem. For better performance i turn off compaction and
run massive inserts, after database reach 37GB i stop massive inserts and start compaction
with "NodeTool compaction Keyspace CFamily". after half hour of work cassandra fall with error
"Out of memory" i give 1500M to JVM, all parameters in yaml file are default. testing OS ubuntu
11.04 and windows server 2008 dc edition. Thanks!  

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