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From AJ>
Subject Strong Consistency with ONE read/writes
Date Sat, 02 Jul 2011 01:53:11 GMT
Is this possible?

All reads and writes for a given key will always go to the same node 
from a client.  It seems the only thing needed is to allow the clients 
to compute which node is the closes replica for the given key using the 
same algorithm C* uses.  When the first replica receives the write 
request, it will write to itself which should complete before any of the 
other replicas and then return.  The loads should still stay balanced if 
using random partitioner.  If the first replica becomes unavailable 
(however that is defined), then the clients can send to the next repilca 
in the ring and switch from ONE write/reads to QUORUM write/reads 
temporarily until the first replica becomes available again.  QUORUM is 
required since there could be some replicas that were not updated after 
the first replica went down.

Will this work?  The goal is to have strong consistency with a 
read/write consistency level as low as possible while secondarily a 
network performance boost.

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