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From Shay Assulin <>
Subject Re: Row cache
Date Mon, 04 Jul 2011 09:18:53 GMT

The row cache capacity > 0.

after reading a row - the Caches.<KeySpace>.<CF>KeyCache.Requests attribute
gets incremented but the ColumnFamilies.<KeySpace>.<CF>.ReadCount attribute
remains zero and the Caches.<KeySpace>.<CF>RowCache.Size and Requsts
attributes remain zero as well.

It looks like the row-cache is disabled although the capacity is not zero.
In addition the ColumnFamilies.<KeySpace>.<CF>.ReadCount does not reflect
the fact that the row was fetched from SSTable.

beside CF.rows_cached parameter (in the yaml) - should i configure anything
else to enable the row-cache? 


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