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Subject eliminate need to repair by using column TTL??
Date Fri, 22 Jul 2011 07:55:07 GMT
One of the main reasons for regularly running repair is to make sure  
deletes are propagated in the cluster, ie, data is not resurrected if a  
node never received the delete call.

And repair-on-read takes care of repairing inconsistencies "on-the-fly".

So if I were to set a universal TTL on all columns - so everything would  
only live for a certain age, would I be able to get away without having to  
do regular repairs with nodetool?

I realize this scenario would not be applicable for everyone, but our data  
model would allow us to do this.

So could this be an alternative to running the (resource-intensive,  
long-running) repairs with nodetool?


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