Thanks for the feedback Aaron!

The schema of the CF is default, I just defined the name and the rest is default, have a look:

Keyspace: TestKS
Read Count: 65
Read Latency: 657.8047076923076 ms.
Write Count: 10756
Write Latency: 0.03237039791744143 ms.
Pending Tasks: 0
Column Family: CFTest
SSTable count: 1
Space used (live): 25671740
Space used (total): 51349233
Memtable Columns Count: 54
Memtable Data Size: 21375
Memtable Switch Count: 1
Read Count: 65
Read Latency: 657.805 ms.
Write Count: 10756
Write Latency: 0.032 ms.
Pending Tasks: 0
Key cache capacity: 200000
Key cache size: 11
Key cache hit rate: 6.777150522609133E-4
Row cache: disabled
Compacted row minimum size: 125
Compacted row maximum size: 654949
Compacted row mean size: 287

I am using phpcassa in the latest (0.8. compatible) version. I was also wondering about the timestamp details the CLI has shown, on my last test run I opened the cassandra-cli in the terminal and did some get requests there to see how the data is changing while filling in my random test data.

The timestamp was something around 87.000.000 at first and then grow to 2.147.442.124 (1.464.439.894 in the earlier example) for the tested row, it looked suspicious but since the data was not in clean ascii I was not so sure about that.

I will check that now.

What about the compact? Is this really because of the OS Volume beeing smaller than the data volume? There is plenty of space on the data volume, how can I make sure it is not using using the OS Volume for compaction?


2011/6/5 aaron morton <>
It is rarely a good idea to let the data disk get to far over 50% utilisation. With so little free space the compaction process will have trouble running

As you are on the RC1 I would just drop the data and start again. If you need to keep it you can use multiple data directories as specified in the cassandra.yaml file. See the data_file_directories setting. (the recommendation is to use 1 data directory) 

The exception looks pretty odd, something wacky with the column family definition. Have you been changing the schema ? 

For the delete problem, something looks odd about the timestamps you are using.  How was the data inserted ? 

This is your data sample...

[default@TestKS] get CFTest['44656661756c747c65333332356231342d373937392d313165302d613663382d3132333133633033336163347c5461626c65737c5765625369746573'];
=> (column=count, value=3331353030, timestamp=1464439894)
=> (column=split, value=3334, timestamp=1464439894)
Time stamps are normally microseconds since the unix epoch

This is what the CLI will use, e.g. 

[default@dev] set data[ascii('foo')]['bar'] = 'baz';
Value inserted.
[default@dev] get data['foo'];                                                    
=> (column=bar, value=62617a, timestamp=1307248484615000)
Returned 1 results.
[default@dev] del data['foo'];
row removed.
[default@dev] get data['foo'];                
Returned 0 results.

The higher numbers created by the client should still work, but I would look into this first. 


Aaron Morton
Freelance Cassandra Developer

On 5 Jun 2011, at 10:09, Mario Micklisch wrote:

Yes, checked the log file, no errors there.

With debug logging it confirms to receive the write too and it is also in the commitlog.

DEBUG 22:00:14,057 insert writing local RowMutation(keyspace='TestKS', key='44656661756c747c65333332356231342d373937392d313165302d613663382d3132333133633033336163347c5461626c65737c5765625369746573', modifications=[CFTest])
DEBUG 22:00:14,057 applying mutation of row 44656661756c747c65333332356231342d373937392d313165302d613663382d3132333133633033336163347c5461626c65737c5765625369746573

But doing compact with the nodetool triggered an error:

ERROR [CompactionExecutor:8] 2011-06-04 21:47:44,021 (line 510) insufficient space to compact even the two smallest files, aborting
ERROR [CompactionExecutor:8] 2011-06-04 21:47:44,024 (line 510) insufficient space to compact even the two smallest files, aborting   

The data folder has currently a size of about 1GB, there are 150GB free disk space on the volume where I pointed all cassandra directories but only 3.5GB free disk space on the operating system disk.

Could this be the reason? How can I set the environment variables to let it only use the dedicated volume?

Trying to use sstable2json did not work (throws an exception, am I using the wrong parameter?):

# sstable2json ./CFTest-g-40-Data.db  
log4j:WARN No appenders could be found for logger (org.apache.cassandra.config.DatabaseDescriptor).
log4j:WARN Please initialize the log4j system properly.
Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NullPointerException
at org.apache.cassandra.db.ColumnFamily.<init>(
at org.apache.cassandra.db.ColumnFamily.create(


2011/6/4 Jonathan Ellis <>
Did you check the server log for errors?

See if the problem persists after running nodetool compact. If it
does, use sstable2json to export the row in question.