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From Watanabe Maki <>
Subject Re: Direct control over where data is stored?
Date Mon, 06 Jun 2011 00:57:05 GMT
It may not what you want, but please read about Network Topology Strategy and DC_QUORUM.

You can configure your Cassandra "Data Center aware" . Your read and write will be resolved
in DC local, but will be replicated across DCs.


On 2011/06/06, at 4:28, Khanh Nguyen <> wrote:

> On Sun, Jun 5, 2011 at 2:17 PM, mcasandra <> wrote:
>> Please give more detailed info about what exactly you are worried about or
>> trying to solve.
> In general, we are trying to devise a partitioning and replication
> scheme that takes into account social relations between data.
>> Please take a step back and look at cassandra's architecture again and what
>> it's trying to solve. It's a distributed database so if you do what you are
>> describing there is a potential of getting hotspots. Which will probably
>> lead in other problems. You might solve one problem but then intriduce
>> another like slow reads or one node getting overloaded.
> Exactly, we understand that this is an issue. In fact, one reason
> we're working on this project is to see how well our proposed
> partitioning and replication scheme distribute the load while
> preserving social locality.
>> I also suggest run some stress test and worry about the load, performance
>> only if it is a real problem for your kind of data.
> Is there a way to tell where a piece of data is stored in a cluster?
> For example, can I tell if LastNameColumn['A'] is stored at node 1 in
> the ring?
> Thanks.
> -k

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