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From Khanh Nguyen <>
Subject Re: Direct control over where data is stored?
Date Sun, 05 Jun 2011 19:28:56 GMT
On Sun, Jun 5, 2011 at 2:17 PM, mcasandra <> wrote:
> Please give more detailed info about what exactly you are worried about or
> trying to solve.

In general, we are trying to devise a partitioning and replication
scheme that takes into account social relations between data.

> Please take a step back and look at cassandra's architecture again and what
> it's trying to solve. It's a distributed database so if you do what you are
> describing there is a potential of getting hotspots. Which will probably
> lead in other problems. You might solve one problem but then intriduce
> another like slow reads or one node getting overloaded.

Exactly, we understand that this is an issue. In fact, one reason
we're working on this project is to see how well our proposed
partitioning and replication scheme distribute the load while
preserving social locality.

> I also suggest run some stress test and worry about the load, performance
> only if it is a real problem for your kind of data.

Is there a way to tell where a piece of data is stored in a cluster?
For example, can I tell if LastNameColumn['A'] is stored at node 1 in
the ring?



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