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From Sebastien Coutu <>
Subject listen_address and rpc_address
Date Mon, 27 Jun 2011 17:09:49 GMT
Hi Everyone,

Quick question regarding the listen_address and rpc_address parameters.
We're trying to run some map-reduce jobs on our ring and my goal is to split
the Cassandra intra-cluster traffic from the Thrift calls. I've populated
the listen_address with the IP address of one interface and rpc_address with
the IP addres of another interface. Let's call them IP A (listen) and IP B
(rpc). Now our jobs are setup so the connect to IP B on the seed node and
use the describe ring method to get the ring information and then know where
to connect on each node (Forgive my very summary explanations but I don't
want to dive in the code just yet). The issue is Cassandra returns the IP A
for the ring nodes but I'd like to force the clients to connect to IP B. Is
there anything we can do to make Cassandra return the RPC addresses when
issuing that method or should I simply make RPC listen on all addresses?


Sebastien Coutu
Hopper Inc.

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