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From Eric tamme <>
Subject Re: Docs: Token Selection
Date Fri, 17 Jun 2011 16:31:29 GMT
> What I don't like about NTS is I would have to have more replicas than I
> need.  {DC1=2, DC2=2}, RF=4 would be the minimum.  If I felt that 2 local
> replicas was insufficient, I'd have to move up to RF=6 which seems like a
> waste... I'm predicting data in the TB range so I'm trying to keep replicas
> to a minimum.
> My goal is to have 2-3 replicas in a local data center and 1 replica in
> another dc.  I think that would be enough barring a major catastrophe.  But,
> I'm not sure this is possible.  I define "local" as in the same data center
> as the client doing the insert/update.

Yes, not being able to configure the replication factor differently
for each data center is a bit annoying.  Im assuming you basically
want DC1 to have a replication factor of {DC1:2, DC2:1} and DC2 to
have {DC1:1,DC2:2}.

I would very much like that feature as well, but I dont know the
feasibility of it.


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