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From Khanh Nguyen <>
Subject Direct control over where data is stored?
Date Sun, 05 Jun 2011 01:41:23 GMT
Hi everyone,

Is it possible to have direct control over where objects are stored in
Cassandra? For example, I have a Cassandra cluster of 4 machines and 4
objects A, B, C, D; I want to store A at machine 1, B at machine 2, C
at machine 3 and D at machine 4. My guess is that I need to intervene
they way Cassandra hashes an object into the keyspace? If so, how
complicated the task will be?

I'm new to the list and Cassandra. The reason I am asking is that my
current project is related to social locality of data: if A and B are
Facebook friends, I want to store their data as close as possible,
preferably in the same machine in a cluster.

Thank you.



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