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From David McNelis <>
Subject Restarting cluster
Date Fri, 24 Jun 2011 12:49:23 GMT
I am running 0.8.0 on CentOS.  I have a 2 nodes in my cluster, one is a
seed, the other is autobootstrapped.

After having an unexpected shutdown of both of the physical machines I am
trying to restart the cluster.  I first started the seed node, it went
through the normal startup process and finished without error.  Once that
was complete I started the second node, again no errors in the log as it was
starting, it started the gossip server, ect.

However when I look at the ring using nodetool, both machines  show their
own status as up, then show the other machine as Down with a state of Normal
and a load of ?.  I have tried restarting the individual nodes in different
orders, waiting a while after restarting a node, but still the 'other' node
always has a status of "down".  nodetool repair [keyspace] did not make any
difference either and nodetool join just told me that the nodes were already
a part of the ring.

I can't imagine this is how it *should* be behaving... is there a piece I'm
missing in terms of getting one node to recognize the other as being Up?

*David McNelis*
Lead Software Engineer
Agentis Energy
o: 630.359.6395
c: 219.384.5143

*A Smart Grid technology company focused on helping consumers of energy
control an often under-managed resource.*

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