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From Michal August├Żn <>
Subject Server-side CQL parameters substitution
Date Tue, 28 Jun 2011 20:45:45 GMT
Hi all,

in most SQL implementations, it's possible to declare parameters in
SQL command text (i.e. "SELECT * FROM T WHERE Id=@myId"). Then the
client application sends this SQL command and parameters values
separately - the server is responsible for the parameters

In CQL API (~the "execute_cql_query" method), we must compose the
command (~substitute the parameters) in client application, the same
code must be re-implemented in all drivers (Java, Python, Node.js,
.NET, ...) respectively. And that's IMHO tedious and error prone.

So do you/we plane to improve CQL API in this way?



P.S.: Yes, I'm working on .NET driver and I'm too lazy to implement
client-side parameters substitution ;-)

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