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From Yang <>
Subject network/message simulation framework?
Date Sat, 25 Jun 2011 02:58:03 GMT
I'd like to verify the behavior of Cassandra under some edge case message
loss scenarios.

it's rather difficult to reproduce such things, cuz you have to setup
multiple servers, and on each box essentially control
the message "gates" to any other nodes in the network. the realistic way
that I can think of is to close off all traffic and only manually
allow certain messages to pass through. (in the case of Cassandra, we need
to let through all gossip messages, and manually control
replication messages )

are there some existing simulation frameworks around?  junit + various mock
frameworks look like a good fit, but
in reality is not enough to simulate complex network code, for example, it's
basically impossible to setup a simulated
N-node cluster on only one test box.


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