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From Jeffrey Kesselman <>
Subject Re: New web client & future API
Date Wed, 15 Jun 2011 14:46:33 GMT
Correct me if I'm wrong, but AFAIK Hector is the  only higher level
APi I would consider "complete' right now, with support for things
like fail-over.

I notice in the latest Hector build he is starting to add CQL support,
so thats what I'm sticking with.  When he has CQL support done I'll
decide if I want to use it or stick with the programmatic API.

On Wed, Jun 15, 2011 at 10:35 AM, Victor Kabdebon
<> wrote:
> Ok thanks for the update. I thought the query string was translated to
> Thrift, then send to a server.
> Victor Kabdebon
> 2011/6/15 Eric Evans <>
>> On Tue, 2011-06-14 at 09:49 -0400, Victor Kabdebon wrote:
>> > Actually from what I understood (please correct me if I am wrong) CQL
>> > is based on Thrift / Avro.
>> In this project, we tend to use the word "Thrift" as a sort of shorthand
>> for "Cassandra's RPC interface", and not, "The serialization and RPC
>> framework from the Apache Thrift project".
>> CQL does not (yet )have its own networking protocol, so it uses Thrift
>> as a means of delivering queries, and serializing the results, but it is
>> *not* a wrapper around the existing RPC methods.  The query string you
>> provide is parsed entirely on the server.
>> --
>> Eric Evans

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