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From Damien Picard <>
Subject Re: Cassandra Clients for Java
Date Sat, 18 Jun 2011 08:17:21 GMT

I use Cassandra with Pelops on a GWT/Java project. You are right in the fact
that you have to write boiler plate code : threre is no driver to use Pelops
or Cassandra with GWT's RequestFactory.
But, in my case I use standards GWT-RPC as services, and the DTOs are
persisted onto Cassandra with Pelops (furthermore, my application needs some
server push and RequestFactory can not provide that).

All my project is build under Maven and there is no issue to use Cassandra,
Pelops and GWT together., quite the contrary !

Hope this could help you.

2011/6/18 Jeffrey Kesselman <>

> If by this you are obliquely referring to JDBC, I understand there is
> a CQL JDBC driver  under development....
> > new semantics on them that are neither Java's or Cassandra's, and I
> >
> Obviously thats going to support CQL, not SQL like existing JDBC drivers.

Damien Picard
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