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From Dan Washusen <>
Subject Re: Cassandra Clients for Java
Date Sat, 18 Jun 2011 03:13:06 GMT
I've added some comments/questions inline...

Dan Washusen

On Saturday, 18 June 2011 at 8:02 AM, Daniel Colchete wrote:

> Good day everyone!
> I'm getting started with a new project and I'm thinking about using Cassandra because
of its distributed quality and because of its performance.
> I'm using Java on the back-end. There are many many things being said about the Java
high level clients for Cassandra on the web. To be frank, I see problems with all of the java
clients. For example, Hector and Scale7-pelops have new semantics on them that are neither
Java's or Cassandra's, and I don't see much gain from it apart from the fact that it is more
complex. Also, I was hoping to go with something that was annotation based so that it wouldn't
be necessary to write boilerplate code (again, no gain). 
I'm interested in hearing more on your comment regarding Hector and Pelops adding little but
complexity; could you add a little context to the comment? If you're coming from an ORM framework
like Hibernate then doing simple tasks may seem cumbersome. However, once you've wrapped your
head around Cassandra's read and write concepts both Hector and Pelops seem relatively straight
forward (to me)...?

Also, a quick look at the Hector wiki suggests that they have some form of annotation support
> Demoiselle Cassandra seems to be one option but I couldn't find a download for it. I'm
new to Java in the back-end and I find that maven is too much to learn just because of a client
library. Also it seems to be hard to integrate with the other things I use on my project (GWT,
GWT-platform, Google Eclipse Plugin). 
> Kundera looks great but besides not having a download link (Google site link to Github,
that links to Google site, but no download) its information is partitioned on many blog posts,
some of them saying things I couldn't find on its website. One says it uses Lucandra for indexes
but that is the only place talking about it, no documentation about using it. It doesn't seem
to support Cassandra 0.8 also. Does it?
It's my understand that Lucandra has been superseded by Solandra (
> I would like to hear from the users here what worked for you guys. Some real world project
in production that was good to write in Java, where the client was stable and is maintained.
What are the success stories of using Cassandra with Java. What would you recommend?
Pelops is used successfully on (at least) and Pelops
is actively developed and maintained by those two companies + contributors and Hector looks
like it's backed by Datastax, which would seem to be a pretty compelling sell point. 
> Thank you very much!
> Best,
> -- 
> Dani
> Cloud3 Tech - 
> Twitter: @DaniCloud3 @Cloud3Tech

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