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From AJ>
Subject Concurrency: Does C* support a Happened-Before relation between processes' writes?
Date Fri, 24 Jun 2011 18:33:11 GMT
Sorry, I know this is long-winded but I just want to make sure before I 
go through the trouble to implement this since it's not something that 
can be reliably tested and requires in-depth knowledge about C* 
internals.  But, this ultimately deals with concurrency control so 
anyone interested in that subject may want to try and answer this.  Thanks!

I would like to know how to do a series of writes and reads such that I 
can tell definitively what process out of many was the first to create a 
unique flag column.

IOW, I would like to have multiple processes (clients) compete to see 
who is first to write a token column.  The tokens start with a known 
prefix, such as "Token_" followed by the name of the process that 
created it and a UUID so that all columns are guaranteed unique and 
don't get overwritten.  For example, Process A could create:


and process B would create:


These writes/reads are asynchronous between the two or more processes.  
After the two processes write their respective tokens, each will read 
back all columns named "Token_*" that exist (a slice).  They each do 
this in order to find out who "won".  The process that wrote the column 
with the lowest timestamp wins.  The purpose is to implement a lock.

I think all that is required is for the processes to use QUORUM 
read/writes to make sure the final read is consistent and will assure 
each process that it can rely on what's returned from the final read and 
that there isn't an earlier write floating around somewhere.  This is 
where the "happened-before" question comes in.  Is it possible that 
Process A which writes it's token with a lower timestamp (and should be 
the winner), that this write may not be seen by Process B when it does 
it's read (which is after it's token write and after Process A wrote 
it's token), and thus conclude incorrectly that itself (Process B) is 
the winner since it will not see Process A's token?  I'm 99% sure using 
QUORUM read/writes will allow this to work because that's the whole 
purpose, but I just wanted to double-check in case there's another 
detail I'm forgetting about C* that would defeat this.


P.S.  I realize this will cost me in performance, but this is only meant 
to be used on occasion.

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