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From AJ>
Subject Re: No Transactions: An Example
Date Thu, 23 Jun 2011 23:31:34 GMT
On 6/23/2011 7:37 AM, Trevor Smith wrote:
> AJ,
> Thanks for your input. I don't fully follow though how this would work 
> with a bank scenario. Could you explain in more detail?
> Thanks.
> Trevor

I don't know yet.  I'll be researching that.  My working procedure is to 
figure out a way to handle each class of problem that ACID addresses and 
see if there is an acceptable way to compensate or manage it on the 
client or business side; following the ideas in the article.  I bet 
solutions exist somewhere.  In short, the developer needs to be fully 
versed in the potential problems that could arise and have ways to deal 
with it.  It's added responsibility for the developer, but if it keeps 
the infrastructure simple with reduced maintenance costs by not having 
to integrate another service such as ZK/Cages (as useful as they indeed 
are) then it may be worth it.  I'll let you know what I conclude.

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