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From AJ>
Subject NTS Replication Strategy - only replicating to a subset of data centers
Date Wed, 22 Jun 2011 22:58:17 GMT
I'm just double-checking, but when using NTS, is it required to specify 
ALL the data centers in the strategy_options attribute?

IOW, I do NOT want replication to ALL data centers; only a two of the 
three.  So, if my property file snitch describes all of the existing 
data centers and nodes as:


# Cassandra Node IP=Data Center:Rack
# default for unknown nodes

Can I specify strategy_options as:

strategy_options=[{DC1:2, DC2:1}]

and just leave out DC3 entirely?

If not, will setting the last one to 0 work?:

strategy_options=[{DC1:2, DC2:1, DC3:0}]


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