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From mcasandra <>
Subject Re: Storing files in blob into Cassandra
Date Wed, 22 Jun 2011 17:11:28 GMT
Speaking purely from my personal experience, I haven't found cassandra
optimal for storing big fat rows. Even if it is only 100s of KB I didn't
find cassandra suitable for it. In my case I am looking at 400 writes + 400
reads per sec and grow 20%-30% every ear with file sizes from 70k-300k. What
I found is that when you have simultaneous reads and writes going in
parallel that is inserting and reading big rows it kills the performance of
cassandra. Even if you add more nodes it doesn't scale at the level you
would expect it to. You would start to see "dropped" messaged all around.
With 8 node cluster, good disks (SAS) and following recommendations of
tunning cassandra performance I was only able to get 140 inserts and 80
reads per sec.

You can simply test it by using stress tool and you will see the difference
as you start to increase the column size. and you would see that performance
of small columns that starts with 1000s / sec gets dropped quickly as you
start to increase column size.

But if your traffic is low volume it might work ok. Also, if over period you
will have tons of Blobs you might find yourself in difficult situation. I
suggest doing some tests.

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