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From Héctor Izquierdo Seliva <>
Subject Re: insufficient space to compact even the two smallest files, aborting
Date Fri, 10 Jun 2011 15:10:55 GMT
El vie, 10-06-2011 a las 23:40 +0900, Terje Marthinussen escribió:
> Yes, which is perfectly fine for a short time if all you want is to
> compact to one file for some reason.
> I run min_compaction_threshold = 2 on one system here with SSD. No
> problems with the more aggressive disk utilization on the SSDs from
> the extra compactions, reducing disk space is much more important.
> Note that this is a treshold per bucket of similar sized sstables. Not
> the total number of sstables, so a treshold of 2 will not give you one
> big file.
> Terje

Cassandra refuses to do a major compaction no matter what I do. There
are 110GB free, and all the sstables I want to compact amount to 15GB,
and the same message keeps popping up.

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