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From Daniel Doubleday <>
Subject Re: Monitoring bytes read per cf
Date Fri, 13 May 2011 08:13:59 GMT
Thanks - yes I agree. Didn't want to judge solely based on this figure. 

It should just add to the picture. But since we know access patterns and other stats like
key and row cache hit ratios we hope to be able to make a more educated guess whats going

On May 13, 2011, at 9:08 AM, Peter Schuller wrote:

>> It seems to work fine but maybe someone here knows that this is not a good idea ....
> It depends. If you're trying to figure out what generates actual iops
> to disk, it won't really tell you since you're counting all I/O
> including that which is cached. Since whatever goes down to disk tends
> to be, due to the LRU:ishness of caches, the less frequently accessed
> data that tends to make it difficult to judge by numbers that include
> all I/O.
> -- 
> / Peter Schuller

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