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From openvictor Open <>
Subject Recommandation on how to organize CF
Date Wed, 18 May 2011 17:44:30 GMT
Hello all,

I know organization is a broad topic and everybody may have an idea on how
to do it, but I really want to have some advices and opinions and I think it
could be interesting to discuss this matter.

Here is my problem: I am designing a messaging system internal to a website.
There are 3 big structures which are Message, MessageList, MessageBox. A
message/messagelist is identified only by an UUID; a MessageBox is
identified by a name(utf8 string). A messagebox has a set of MessageList in
it and a messagelist has a set of message in it, all of them being UUIDs.
Currently I have only two CF : message and message_time. Message is a
UTF8Type (cassandra 0.6.11, soon going for 0.8) and message_time is a

For example if I want to request all message in a certain messagelist I do :
If I want information of a mesasge I do message['message:uuid(message)']
If I want all messagelist for a certain messagebox ( called nameofbox for
user openvictor for this example) I do :

My question to Cassandra users is : is it a good idea to regroup all those
things into two CF ? Is there some advantages / drawbacks of this two CFs
and for long term should I change my organization ?

Thank you,

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