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From Wojciech Pietrzok <>
Subject Re: Inconsistent results using secondary indexes between two DC
Date Thu, 19 May 2011 08:26:45 GMT
Just checked. Seems to be present in CF on all nodes (in both
datacenters), but are not indexed correctly

On each node I've used sstablekeys for all CF_NAME-f-XX-Data.db files.
In cassandra-cli I've (using node that behaves correctly) made query
get CF_NAME where foo = bar, got correct number of results. Checked
using grep if all the keys are present in the lists returned by
sstablekeys - none was missing, so it seems that the rows are present
on all nodes.
When doing the same query on the nodes in the second DC (using
ConsistencyLevel.ONE) the results are invalid. Sometimes I got 15 rows
(expected, correct number of rows), 3 rows, or 10 rows. What's
interesting every time I get only 3 rows it's the same list of 3 rows
on both affected nodes.

2011/5/17 Jonathan Ellis <>:
> Nothing comes to mind.
> I'd start by using sstable2json to see if the missing rows are in the
> main data CF -- i.e., are they just unindexed, or are they missing
> completely?
> On Sun, May 15, 2011 at 4:33 PM, Wojciech Pietrzok <> wrote:
>> Hello,
>> I've noticed strange behaviour of Cassandra when using secondary indexes.
>> There are 2 Data Centers, each with 2 nodes, RF=4, on all nodes
>> Cassandra 0.7.5 is installed.
>> When I connect to one of the nodes in DC1 and perform query using
>> secondary indexes ("get ColumnFamily where column = 'foo'" in
>> cassandra-cli) I always get correct number of rows returned, no matter
>> which ConsistencyLevel is set.
>> When I connect to one of the nodes in DC2 and perform same query using
>> ConsistencyLevel LOCAL_QUORUM the results are correct. But using
>> ConsistencyLevel ONE Cassandra doesn't return correct number of rows
>> (it seems that most of the times there some of the rows are missing).
>> Tried running nodetool repair, and nodetool scrub but this doesn't seem to help.
>> What might the cause of such behaviour?

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