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From Thibaut Britz <>
Subject Re: Native heap leaks?
Date Thu, 05 May 2011 14:44:09 GMT
Reading this, I tried it again (this time on a freshly formated node due to
hd failure).

Before crashing, my data dir was only 7.7M big. Using nmap_indexonly
(mlockall was successfull) on a 64bit machine.

Anything else I could try to get this to work? Ps. All the other nodes (and
this node) run fine (even with a few 100 Gigs of data loaded) when I remove
the jna.jar, nodetool  -h localhost info showing more than 800M of free
heap. (of a total of 3256M)


On Thu, May 5, 2011 at 2:49 PM, Chris Burroughs

> On 2011-05-05 06:30, Hannes Schmidt wrote:
> > This was my first thought, too. We switched to mmap_index_only and
> > didn't see any change in behavior. Looking at the smaps file attached
> > to my original post, one can see that the mmapped index files take up
> > only a minuscule part of RSS.
> I have not looked into smaps before. But it actually seems odd that that
> mmaped Index files are taking up so *little memory*.  Are they only a
> few kb on disk?  Is this a snapshot taken shortly after the process
> started or before the OOM killer is presumably about to come along.  How
> long does it take to go from 1.1 G to 2.1 G resident?  Either way, it
> would be worthwhile to set one node to standard io to make sure it's
> really not mmap causing the problem.
> Anyway, assuming it's not mmap, here are the other similar threads on
> the topic.  Unfortunately none of them claim an obvious solution:

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