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From Jim the Standing Bear <>
Subject Re: How to load schema non-programmatically? loadSchemaFromYAML doesn't work
Date Wed, 11 May 2011 01:55:48 GMT
Hi Praveen,

> The import only works on fresh system
> and imports from cassandra.yaml file.

Thanks for this information.  What do you mean by a fresh system?  A
system that was just installed, configured, and launched, with no any
other user-defined keyspaces?  So in other words, I can only add one
user-defined keyspace into cassandra using cassandra.yaml; and for all
other keyspaces that I may wish to add in the future, I have to do it

I think I am still stuck in the RDBMS world... because with RDBMS, I
can certainly create SQL scripts to add as many new databases as I
wish.  This is better than embedding the data definition SQL in
program logic.

-- Jim

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