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From "Bahadur, Kamal" <>
Subject RE: Re : Re : selecting data
Date Fri, 20 May 2011 16:13:54 GMT
This is how you create it dynamically:


KsDef ksdef = new KsDef(); = "ProgKS";

ksdef.replication_factor = 1;

ksdef.strategy_class =


List<CfDef> cfdefs = new ArrayList<CfDef>();

CfDef cfdef1 = new CfDef(); = "ProgCF1";

cfdef1.keyspace =;



ksdef.cf_defs = cfdefs;


CfDef cfdef2 = new CfDef();

cfdef2.keyspace =;

cfdef2.column_type = "Standard"; = "ProgCF";



From: karim abbouh [] 
Sent: Friday, May 20, 2011 8:03 AM
Subject: Re : Re : selecting data


a storage-conf.xml is read just at the starting of cassandra?
is there a way to add a column family dynamically?




De : karim abbouh <>
À :
Envoyé le : Ven 20 mai 2011, 12h 48min 54s
Objet : Re : selecting data

is there a way to set  for a column of the same key a set of value ?



De : Watanabe Maki <>
À : "" <>
Envoyé le : Jeu 19 mai 2011, 17h 38min 39s
Objet : Re: selecting data

Cassandra is not a RDBMS. Only you can do is search on a key, or you need full scan.

You need to design your schema carefully as your application needs.


On 2011/05/20, at 1:11, karim abbouh <> wrote:

	i'm new using cassandra database,
	i want to get data as in relationnel database:
	select * from table where field="value";
	i see using CLI we have just the followings commands :
	get <ksp>.<cf>['<key>']                                  Get a slice of
	get <ksp>.<cf>['<key>']['<super>']                   Get a slice
of sub columns.
	get <ksp>.<cf>['<key>']['<col>']                             Get
a column value.
	get <ksp>.<cf>['<key>']['<super>']['<col>']              Get
a sub column value.
	is there a way for that.
	i think using java API is possible.
	cassandra version : 6.0.12
	thanks for help

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