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From Jonathan Colby <>
Subject extremely high temporary disk utilization 0.7.5
Date Sat, 21 May 2011 08:40:22 GMT

On each of our nodes we have an average of 80 - 100 GB actual cassandra data on 1 TB disks.
   There is normally plenty of capacity on the nodes.  Swap is OFF.  OS is Debian 64 bit.

Every once in a while,  the disk usage will skyrocket to  500+ GB, even once filling up the
1 TB disk (at least according to linux df).

The thing is, after restarting the cassandra daemon, the disk usage correctly reflects the
actual data usage.    

What could be causing this massive temporary disk allocation?

Is it malloc?     Is this an indication that something is not configured correctly? Is this
a bug?

Any help would be appreciated!


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