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From Marcus Bointon <>
Subject EC2 node adding trouble
Date Tue, 24 May 2011 15:35:58 GMT

First time here. I'm having trouble adding a third node to an existing 2-node ring (successfully
upgraded from 0.72) running cassandra 0.8rc1 (successfully upgraded from 0.72) on ubuntu on

Evidently the seed node is working as the second node is already talking to it, nodetool lists
both nodes.
From the new node I can successfully telnet to ports 7000, 7199 and 9160 on the seed node
(so it's not a connectivity issue - necessary ports are open on node firewalls and EC2 security
All nodes have identical cassandra.yaml files, apart from the new node has auto-bootstrap
set to true.

Despite all this, cassandra still says "No other nodes seen!  Unable to bootstrap" when starting
on the third node. Any ideas? How can I troubleshoot further?


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