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From Gabriel Tataranu <>
Subject Re: Excessive allocation during hinted handoff
Date Thu, 12 May 2011 13:32:38 GMT

> Just out of curiosity is this on the receiver or sender side?

Looks like sender side, although the 2 nodes were replicating to each
other so it's hard to tell.

> I have been wondering a bit if the hint playback could need some
> adjustment. 
> There is potentially quite big differences on how much is sent per
> throttle delay time depending on what your data looks like.
> Early 0.7 releases also built up hints very easily under load due to
> nodes quickly getting marked as down due to gossip sharing the same
> thread as many other operations.

Like I said, cassandra was updated to 0.7.5 (latest build as of today)
following the advice on IRC.  There was no change in behavior.



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