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From Alex Araujo <>
Subject Re: Data types for cross language access
Date Wed, 11 May 2011 16:07:31 GMT
On 5/11/11 5:27 AM, Oliver Dungey wrote:
> I am currently working on a system with Cassandra that is written 
> purely in Java. I know our end solution will require other languages 
> to access the data in Cassandra (Python, C++ etc.). What is the best 
> way to store data to ensure I can do this? Should I serialize 
> everything to strings/json/xml prior to the byte conversion? We 
> currently use the Hector serializer, I wondered if we should just 
> switch this to something like Jackson/JAXB? Any thoughts very welcome. 
I believe most high level (non-Thrift) clients convert types to/from 
bytes consistently without additional serialization (XML, JSON, etc).  
There may be a few tricks to working with TimeUUIDs for slices, but at 
least the Java and Python versions appear to be compatible. It's 
probably worth writing a few tests using your target languages to make sure:

Don't see a C++ client, but a quick Google search turned up:

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