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From yangyangyyy <>
Subject Re: RTG/MRTG/Cricket replacement using Cassandra?
Date Fri, 20 May 2011 23:35:18 GMT
hi Ryan:

Thanks for the link.
I read the slides, could you please provide some more details on how the
temporal aggregation is implemented?
do you use time+granularity as the key ? or as column names ?


In reply to this post by Aaron Turner
We have a solution for time series data on cassandra at Twitter that 
we'd like to open source, but it requires 0.8/trunk so we're not going 
to release it until that's stable. 



On Thu, Mar 31, 2011 at 3:56 PM, Aaron Turner <[hidden email]> wrote:

> I've been looking at replacing our PostgreSQL backend for RTG (a SNMP 
> based polling and graphing solution for network traffic/ports) with 
> something using Cassandra in order to solve our scalability and 
> redundancy requirements.  Based on a lot of what I've read, Cassandra 
> is an ideal data store for this  time series data.  In fact, Eric 
> Evans in his presentation on the Cassandra home page suggests that 
> this kind of use case is perfect for Cassandra. 
> So this got me wondering if someone had already come up with a CF 
> model for this kind of data, including daily/weekly/monthly/yearly 
> rollups.  Perhaps there's even an open source project or two 
> implementing this sorta thing?  I've found flewton 
> (, which is possibly relevant, but 
> my Java skills are pretty non-existent so I'm having a hard time 
> figuring it out. 
> Thanks, 
> Aaron 
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> Aaron Turner 
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