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From mcasandra <>
Subject Re: Commitlog Disk Full
Date Mon, 16 May 2011 22:52:57 GMT
You can try to update column family using cassandra-cli. Try to set
memtable_throughput to 32 first.

[default@unknown] help update column family;
update column family Bar;
update column family Bar with <att1>=<value1>;
update column family Bar with <att1>=<value1> and <att2>=<value2>...;

Update a column family with the specified values for the given set of
attributes. Note that you must be using a keyspace.

valid attributes are:
    - column_type: Super or Standard
    - comment: Human-readable column family description. Any string is
    - rows_cached: Number or percentage of rows to cache
    - row_cache_save_period: Period with which to persist the row cache, in
    - keys_cached: Number or percentage of keys to cache
    - key_cache_save_period: Period with which to persist the key cache, in
    - read_repair_chance: Probability (0.0-1.0) with which to perform read
repairs on CL.ONE reads
    - gc_grace: Discard tombstones after this many seconds
    - column_metadata: null
    - memtable_operations: Flush memtables after this many operations (in
    - memtable_throughput: ... or after this many MB have been written
    - memtable_flush_after: ... or after this many minutes
    - default_validation_class: null
    - min_compaction_threshold: Avoid minor compactions of less than this
number of sstable files
    - max_compaction_threshold: Compact no more than this number of sstable
files at once
    - column_metadata: Metadata which describes columns of column family.
        Supported format is [{ k:v, k:v, ... }, { ... }, ...]
        Valid attributes: column_name, validation_class (see comparator),
                          index_type (integer), index_name.

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