I've looked over the Pelops code again and I really can't see how it could be at fault here...

Dan Washusen

On Wednesday, 13 April 2011 at 3:20 AM, Stephen McKamey wrote:

[I wrote this Apr 10, 2011 at 12:09 but my message seems to have gotten lost along the way.]

I use Pelops (the 1.0-0.7.x build from the Github Maven repo) and have occasionally seen this message (under load or during GC). I have a test app running in two separate single-threaded processes doing a slow trickle insert into a single Cassandra 0.7.4 node all on the same box (Mac OS X).

This has been running off and on for over a week with no exceptions and I just this same error about two hours ago. Both client processes experienced it at about the same time, and it seemed related to a GC/compaction on the Cassandra instance.

I'm guessing that it is either actually a read timeout on the clients, or (less likely) somehow the Cassandra instance mixed up the two responses?

On Fri, Apr 8 2011 at 07:28, Dan Washusen <dan@reactive.org> wrote:
Dan Hendry mentioned that he sees these errors.  Is he also using Pelops?  From his comment about retrying I'd assume not...

Dan Washusen

On Thursday, 7 April 2011 at 7:39 PM, Héctor Izquierdo Seliva wrote:

El mié, 06-04-2011 a las 21:04 -0500, Jonathan Ellis escribió:
"out of sequence response" is thrift's way of saying "I got a response
for request Y when I expected request X."

my money is on using a single connection from multiple threads. don't do that.

I'm not using thrift directly, and my application is single thread, so I
guess this is Pelops fault somehow. Since I managed to tame memory
comsuption the problem has not appeared again, but it always happened
during a stop-the-world GC. Could it be that the message was sent
instead of being dropped by the server when the client assumed it had
timed out?