Not sure, but I've been playing with running cassandra in the same VM as an HTTP server for a pet project of mine, using a similar technique as the one found in the Solandra  project. It does use ports on localhost, but hopefully gives you an idea of embedding cassandra (no clue if its a good idea or not yet, still playing with it myself).


On Fri, Apr 1, 2011 at 9:07 PM, Bob Futrelle <> wrote:
Connecting via CLI to local host with a port number has never been successful for me in Snow Leopard.  No amount of reading suggestions and varying the approach has worked.  So I'm going to talk to Cassandra via its API, from Java.

But I noticed that in some code samples that call the API from Java, ports are also in play.  In using Derby in Java I've never had to designate any ports.  Is such a  strategy available with Cassandra?

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