Okay, I see. But isn't there a big issue for scaling here ?
Imagine that I am the developper of a certain very successful website : At year 1 I need 20 CF. I might need to have 8Gb of RAM. Year 2 I need 50 CF because I added functionalities to my wonderful webiste will I need 20 Gb of RAM ? And if at year three I had 300 Column families, will I need 120 Gb of ram / node ? Or did I miss something about memory consuption ?

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2011/4/4 Peter Schuller <peter.schuller@infidyne.com>
> And about the production 7Gb or RAM is sufficient ? Or 11 Gb is the minimum
> ?
> Thank you for your inputs for the JVM I'll try to tune that

Production mem reqs are mostly dependent on memtable thresholds:


If you enable key caching or row caching, you will have to adjust
accordingly as well.

/ Peter Schuller