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From aaron morton <>
Subject Re: data management / validation
Date Tue, 26 Apr 2011 05:46:12 GMT
There is a JMX operation to get the endpoints for a token

You can also specify a key when using bin/sstable2json if you want to grab the actual data
from a file. 

If you were using vpn for security have you looked at encryption in 0.8 ?

On 18 Apr 2011, at 19:21, Sasha Dolgy wrote:

> Hi Everyone,
> Starting to shift focus now to the NetworkTopology strategy and how it
> works with Ec2Snitch.  .. or how it can be complemented.  A few
> questions have come to mind:
> - how can i validate and assure that if RF=3 and the topology is
> designed such that 2 copies are kept in 1 DC and a 3rd is kept in
> another DC?  Is there a way to query a key to find out where that key
> physically exists?
> - In defining the network topology for Ec2 ... has anyone done this,
> with success?  Reading material is a bit sparse in this area
> Finally, for what it's worth, I circumvented some of the problems I
> was having with region <- -- -> region communication with Ec2 and
> cassandra by routing all cassandra traffic through vpn tunnels.  This
> has greatly reduced the latency while still allowing me to utilize the
> Ec2 snitch to report on where each instance is.
> -sd
> -- 
> Sasha Dolgy

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